Why advertise with Mims on the Move?

Mims on the Move is targeted to local expats living in Korea and Mexico as well as international travelers who are interested in traveling and world culture. 

  • International audience: Mims on the Move appeals to those passionate about travel, culture, food and music all around the globe. Because Mims on the Move values high quality design and photography, it attracts non-native English speakers, as well. 
  • Popularity:  In addition to having my writing published in a number of international publications, I have also been personally featured in the press.  Mims on the Move (formerly “Seoul Searching”) was named one of the best expat blogs by the Korea JoonAng Daily and was included in the cover story of Seoul Magazine, referred to as “one of the most popular [blogs] by expats and Koreans alike.” At the first annual K-Blog Awards, I was honored to be named the “Best Female Blogger” in South Korea and Seoul Searching was also voted as the “Best Lifestyle Blog.”
  • Knowledge: I’ve lived abroad for more than 10 years now and have made a great attempt to travel in the places I call home as extensively as possible. Specifically, I’m familiar with Korean and Mexican history, customs and travel destinations.
  • High quality photography and design: I strive to make Mims on the Move visually appealing for all my readers. I attempt to maintain a clean, well-organized site design and I am careful to select and edit high-quality photos to accompany the text in my posts.
  • Frequent updates: I usually update Mims on the Move, and I share each article through a number of social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Consistent growth:  Mims on the Move (formerly “Seoul Searching”) was created in April 2009. The readership has consistently grown throughout the years and it is continuously growing.  

Average Monthly Page Views (as of June 2021): 30,000+

Followers (as of June 2021):


  • I am interested in publishing sponsored posts that fit the writing style and theme of my blog or social media pages. I will also place your company’s logo/ad on the sidebar of Mims on the Move with accompanying links. Sidebar ads must be paid directly via PayPal before each advertising cycle of 3 months. Contact me for details about this affordable advertising opportunity.


  • I am also interested in sponsors for future trips–anything from a guided tour to accommodation vouchers. In return, I will publish a review or article with accompanying photos on Mims on the Move with a link back to your company’s website. I will also give you permission to publish the said article or review on your own website. Each article from a sponsor is guaranteed to be honest, professional, well-written and visually appealing. I will never publish anything that hasn’t been edited and proofread thoroughly. A contact form is available here.

Past sponsors and advertisers have included…

Travel Writing / Destination Marketing

  • If your publication or company is in need of written content or photographs related to travel or culture in South Korea or Mexico, I would be happy to assist.  Please contact me to discuss your needs.