Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Seoul, Korea

I created this blog to share my favorite places and spaces in Seoul and around Korea so that you might be able to get out and do some “Seoul Searching” of your own. But I know from my own personal experiences that planning a trip to a foreign country (especially one that doesn’t share a language) can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes it’s a lot let stressful and a lot more fun to have someone else take care of the dirty work for you.

Which is why I’ve partnered up with O’ngo Food Communications to share with you Seoul’s best cooking classes and food tours headed by professional, entertaining and knowledgeable locals and expats. Additionally, O’ngo can help you see the rest of the country based on your personal preferences through their brilliantly customized trips around the peninsula. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your next trip to Korea.

Food Tours

The popularity of and demand for Korean food has soared over the past couple years in all corners of the world, and to travel to Seoul, the center of the nation’s food scene, without tasting its delectable dishes would be… just wrong. O’ngo Food Communications’ food tours are not only delicious and entertaining, but they also provide a unique glimpse into Korean culture, as they take you to the city’s best restaurants, traditional markets and hidden food stalls. No tourist traps here, folks… this is thereal Korea.

Passionate guides explain tidbits not found in any guidebooks, and even teach you local dining customs and drinking games on their particularly popular evening tours. Starting at 40,000 won ($40 USD) per person, prices are also reasonable and take all the hassle out of researching the best “matjips“, or tasty restaurants.

In addition, O’ngo offers one day regional tours to Jeonju, the birthplace of bibimbap, Boseong, Korea’s verdant green tea capital, and Busan, a bustling coastal city famous for its succulent seafood. These tours are particularly helpful, as they offer transportation to some of the harder-to-reach cities in Korea.

Cooking Classes

The best souvenir from any trip is knowledge and O’ngo offers visitors the unique opportunity to learn about Korea’s most delectable cuisines through their raved-about cooking classes. In contrast to other cooking classes in the city, O’ngo offers a range of classes in a number of levels so that both the novice foodie and the professional sous-chef can leave the country having learned useful and practical skills to recreate Korean dishes in their kitchens back at home.

Don your aprons and master the recipes to Korea’s most famous cuisines, from the basics of kimchi to the complexities of Buddhist temple food in O’ngo’s well equipped kitchen classroom just a stone’s throw from Seoul’s popular tourist street, Insadong.

Custom Tour

From accommodation booking to airport pick-up to sightseeing, O’ngo offers custom-built tours to ensure that your trip to Korea is as smooth as silk from start to finish. Additionally, the attentive staff will build your trip itinerary to only include places that are of interest to you. Whether you’re an art aficionado looking to explore traditional architecture and contemporary paintings or a K-pop fangirl eager to visit celebrity hang outs and K-drama filming locations, O’ngo has you covered. Signing up for a custom tour is the most efficient way to ensure you see everything you want to see, despite the length of your trip.

It’s the best!

I personally have participated in a number of O’ngo’s tours and cooking classes, many of which have been the top travel highlights of my time in Korea. (See my reviews here.)

But, don’t just take my word for it. O’ngo Food Communications is consistently ranked as one of the top activities on TripAdvisor, garnishing reviews that praise their staff, as well as the quality and value of their tours and classes. Additionally, the personnel at O’ngo have both consulted and appeared on networks such as The Travel Channel, National Geographic and The Food Network. How’s that for a resume?!

So what are you waiting for?!

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