The following are some helpful and entertaining links for those living in Korea or interested in Korean culture.


The Adventures of Cory: Glimpses of Korea through the eyes of an American expat. Beautiful shots of food, culture and travel.

Eat Your Kimchi:  A Canadian couple living in Korea explore Korean culture in a comedic way.  They’ve turn into celebrities since they started making these videos, as they are very entertaining but informative at the same time.  If you’re interested in K-Pop, don’t miss their satiric take on music videos in their K-Pop Music Mondays segment. 

The QiRanger Blog:  An expat’s take on life in Korea.  He does a really nice job profiling spots around Seoul and other cities in Korea.

Talk to Me in Korean:  Learn Korean words and phrases through this easy-to-follow vlog.   It covers all levels from beginners to advances.  What’s better than taking FREE language classes from the comfort of your living room?

Seoulistic:  Fun videos educate viewers on Korean etiquette, customs, and culture.  Seoulistic provides some great tips and advice if you are living in or visiting Korea.


Seoul Eats: Restaurant reviews and insight into Korean food from food blogger Daniel, who now operates two restaurants in Insadong.

ZenKimchi:  Another foodie blog.  Check out their food and “Dark Side of Seoul” tours for a unique experience.

Seoul State of Mind: A wonderful photo and lifestyle blog run by a British expat living in Korea. 

Kimchibytes: Controversial topics, expat profiles and beautiful photography from an American English teacher living in Seoul.

The Soul of Seoul: Observations on culture and travel from an American living in Seoul. Hallie offers a unique perspective on family life, as she is married to a Korean man and has a newborn daughter.

The Sawon: Interesting insight tips on working in a Korean office.

Discovering Korea:  A comprehensive collection of all the wonderful things to do and see throughout the country. 

Chincha Mag:  Events, films, and fashion in Korea.  This is the site for all you hipsters out there! 

Seoulist:  An online magazine with high quality articles about that covers a little bit of everything from culture to restaurants to travel destinations.  Photographs that illustrate the beauty of Seoul and around Korea.


Korean Tourism Office:  News, promotions, where to stay, and festivals can all be found at this website.  Check out their suggested itineraries for ideas on how to spend your time in Korea.

Seoul City Metropolitan Government:   Official information on all aspects of living and working in Seoul.


DramaFire: Stream Korean dramas, TV shows, and movies with English subtitles.

SEOULFM:  Listen to the latest K-Pop hits 24/7.


Groove:  You can pick up hard copies at various locations around Seoul or read the well-written articles online. Articles feature an in-depth look at Korean culture, political issues and society.

10 Magazine:  Another great resource for expats.  Includes articles about what’s new, events, contests, and restaurant reviews.

SEOUL Magazine:  Yet another magazine that can be picked up at various locations throughout Seoul.  Articles can be read online and feature destinations throughout the city.


Korea4Expats:  Has a comprehensive directory of doctors, dentists, banks, etc. that have English speaking personnel.  There are also great articles about living in Korea in addition to an up-to-date listing of movie times.

KoreaBridge: A database of blogs on Korea (including Seoul Searching) as well as an up-to-date calendar of events.

AngloINFO:  A detailed business, restaurant, and services directory.

HiExpat:  Jobs (mostly English teaching) and classifieds in Korea.


When In Korea (WinK):  A well-established tour group that runs trips domestically as well as to Japan. 

Adventure Korea:   Affordable trips around Korea.  Mostly foreigners.