Not-So-Normal Norms
Korea has many social norms that some visitors might find bizarre.  From food customs to fashion to dating, I always find myself surprised at what is considered “normal” here in Korea.  Check out Seoul Searching’s previous posts to explore strange Korea
Please note that these posts have been written to point out Korean cultural norms that are different from those in my home country, America, and the West in general.  My comments are in no way intended to degrade Korean culture or Korean people.
Not-So-Normal Norms Part 5 : University letterman jackets; membership training (MTs); Costco condiment cocktails; grayless grannies; and the things Koreans can do in high heels.

Not-So-Normal Norms Part 4 : Korea’s version of the milk man; cell phone bling bling; lack of personal space; and movie theater culture.  

Not-So-Normal Norms Part 3 :  Hangover drinks; toilet paper economics; the ever-presence of mirrors; and the fabulousness of the table buzzer.

Not-So-Normal Norms Part 2 : Umbrellas in the sun, rain, and snow; bowing mannequins; coffee straws; construction dummies; and toothbrush sanitizers.  

Not-So-Normal Norms Part 1 : Korea’s lack of ‘right of way’; couple rings; strange methods of advertising; Korea’s obsession with beauty; and a love of poo-poo.

“There came a time, he realized, when the strangeness of everything made it increasingly difficult to realize the strangeness of anything.” -James Hilton, Lost Horizon