Giving is Winning: Liberty in North Korea Fundraiser

So I know you are all just itching to find out how to win the awesome gifts featured in my previous post. And now I’m here to tell you how.

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, I have decided to change things up a bit and challenge all of you to participate in a fundraising campaign I’ve started with LiNK, or Liberty in North Korea. After all, ’tis the season for giving.

And while many people around the world need our help, North Korean refugees are a noteworthy group. Lacking basic human rights and needs, thousands of citizens attempt to flee the country each year only to be captured and killed, tortured or sent to labor camps. Those that do manage to escape are often captured by Chinese nationals, and are exploited, abused, or sold into the sex trade along the 3,000-mile journey to a safer country.


Liberty in North Korea has helped over 300 North Korean refugees gain freedom and thrive in their new homes by securing safe passage out of North Korea and providing resettlement services and support. Those that have been assisted by LiNK have gone on to live freely and accomplish incredible goals, all the while raising awareness of the social injustices, oppression and extreme poverty in North Korea. (Read their stories here!)

I’m encouraging each of you to donate to this fantastic organization. No donation is too small, as every little bit counts. Think of it like this. If each of Seoul Searching’s Facebook fans donated $1, together we’d be able to rescue one North Korean refugee and give them a shot at a better life in a new home.



To ensure that you are eligible for the contest prizes, please be sure to donate (again, ANY amount) through the Seoul Searching LiNK campaign page. (For specific instructions, see below.) 100% of your donations will be sent directly to Liberty in North Korea and all participants will be eligible to win prizes until the campaign has been completed on January 4, 2015. Currently, a benefactor has offered to match all of your donations.


To thank you for your generosity, I’ll be choosing one of you who contributes to the campaign each week for the entire month of December to win one of the prizes featured. Prizes include Boomf marshmallows, Coastergram coasters, a Nuishu Hangul tote bag, Paper Tree shop greeting cards and a $50 SoKo Glam gift certificate. (Click here for details of each prize.)


Keep an eye on the Seoul Searching Facebook page to see which prizes will be given away each week. Winners will be notified by e-mail each Wednesday and will be announced on this site, as well as Seoul Searching’s social media sites.


1. Go to the Seoul Searching LiNK Fundraising campaign page.
2. Click the green ‘Donate’ button.
3. Select an amount, or enter your own by selecting “other”.
4. Enter your personal information and payment details. LiNK accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover cards. All transactions are secure and your personal information will not be shared with third party companies.
5. Submit donation. You will receive a confirmation of your donation by e-mail.

Thanks to all the sponsors that have provided the great prizes and thanks to you, my loyal readers, for your kindness, generosity and involvement in this very important cause.