Expat Tip: How to Quickly and Affordably Send Items from US to Korea

Thanks to Seoul’s numerous foreign food markets and convenient online shopping malls, it’s fairly easy for an expat like myself to adapt to life in Korea while still having access to the creature comforts of one’s homeland. But from time to time, there’s the occasional item that is just too darn expensive or difficult to track down.

In the past, when I’ve found myself needing something like hiking boots (I’ve got unusually large feet by Korean standards), organic toiletries or the elusive fitted bed sheet, I’ve turned to sites that offer global shipping, such as Amazon. While convenient, shipping fees add up quickly, especially when making multiple orders from different sellers.

Image: Daria Nepriakhina / Unsplash

Which is exactly why I was ELATED to learn about Fishisfast, a company that makes getting items shipped from the US as fast, efficient and affordable as possible.


Fishisfast is essentially a US-based forwarding service that receives your ordered items for you and keeps them in a ‘locker’ that you can virtually manage. When all of your ordered items have arrived, Fishisfast will unpack and consolidate them into a single package and ship them to your address through a verified delivery service, so you can save on costs.

Easy as 1-2-3

Fishisfast is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is:

1. Sign up for a free account on the company’s website. A simple interface makes navigating the site incredibly easy, while their web app is just as user-friendly and can be used on all devices.

2. Direct your ordered items to your personalized address in Delaware, a sales tax-free US state. If you’re using a foreign credit card to order from a company that doesn’t accept non-US cards, you can use Fishisfast’s FastBuy service to make the purchase.

3. Be notified when your packages arrive and monitor them via images in your ‘locker,’ where they can be stored for free up to 180 days. There is a small fee of $2 USD to have each item unpackaged upon arrival – a small price to pay to save big in the end.  

4. When all of your packages have arrived, opt to consolidate them into a single package. You can also choose from additional options, such as to have certain items removed from bulky packaging (like shoes from a shoe box) for free or, for a nominal fee, you can have fragile items protected with bubble wrap. Fill out the customs information to ensure speedy delivery and/or opt to purchase additional insurance (the first $100 worth is free) for $3.

5. Once your package is ready to go, choose from a variety of affordable and reliable shipping options. Fedex, With Fishisfast’s rates, an average sized, 5-pound package costs about $28 with Fedex International Economy and $32 with Fedex International Priority.

6. Depending on the shipping service you select, you can track your package until it arrives at your doorstep. With my most recent order (using Fedex International Priority) I received my package in just four days!!

Unsurpassed Service

In addition to being fast, secure, easy-to-use and relatively cheap, Fishisfast also kills it in the service arena. The company’s multi-lingual employees are incredibly responsive to customer inquiries and can be reached at any time via email or chat. They’re also quick to follow up once you’ve completed a transaction to ensure the process was smooth and met your expectations.
In short, if you’re looking to order multiple items from the States and want to get them shipped at the lowest cost possible, use Fishisfast. I truly cannot sing its praises enough.

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Disclaimer: While Fishispast did provide a discount on their services in return for a review, the opinions mentioned above are my own.