The Joy in Getting Mail

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy teaching higher level kids. It’s a hell of a lot less frustrating and much easier to determine success, especially in classes like Medical Center, where focus vocabulary is on various illnesses and symptoms. The children attending SEV this week were from the richer area of Seoul, and many of them have lived abroad in English speaking countries. I was excited to hear this until I had to witness first hand the very different behavior exhibited by some particular spoiled pre-teens. For the first time since I have been here, my patience was tested as the students knowingly used the f-bomb, gauging my response I assumed, and blatantly refused to do anything I asked of them. Fortunately, I was able to make an example of some of them to regain my authority. Thankfully, they left yesterday. Today, I welcomed my first class, who only knew a few English words, with open arms.

I’ve learned that while teaching higher level students does have its benefits, it is so refreshing to see the effort that the lower level kids put into bettering their English. In post office class, students write letters to their favorite teachers. The following are some of my favorite letters I have received so far (mispellings included):

“Hello~ Mimsie Teacher, I’m Jenny. Can you remember? Your very good teacher. Your very kind, pretty, clever, funny. I like you. Be happy and Don’t be sick. I love you so much. Be healthy. Have a good time and nice day. See you next time. Good bye~”

“Dear Mimsie teacher. Hello! my name is Stella <– do you remember? How are you? I am fantastic! Seoul English Village is great! My favorite class is cooking and bank. Because, I like cake and money. You are very friendly. I hope you are pretty. From, Stella. P.S. I have a joke. listen. Q: Why students must eat a homework? A: Because teacher say ‘homework is peace of cake!'” “Dear Mimsie teacher Hello! My name is Max. How are you feeling? I’m not bad but little tired ^^ Seoul English Village is special! My favorite class is music, because I like singer. Do you like Big Bang? I’m a Big Bang’s pan ^^ I hope you are excited. From, Max”

“Dear Mimsie, How are you? I am Annie. Seoul English Village is very funny and interesting. My favorite class is Medical What is your favorite class? I hope you are doing well! Your class is very funny!! Thanks you! And Bye Bye! I’m go to my home~! Theather every thing happy! I am remember ok? From Annie”

These letters are small confidence boosters as well. Kids are so cute:

“Dear Mimsie teacher~ Hello! My name is Rachel. how are you? I am fine. Seoul English Village is so fun and nice ~ My favorite class is Board Game, because I like game. You too? You are so pretty. You are hair is long and very kind. You are eyes are very pretty. Teacher I hope your healthy. I’m sleepy. I’m fly. From- Rachel”

“Dear Mimsie teacher Hello. How are you? I am Luke. Seoul English Village Suyu Camp is fun and exciting. All teacher is very nice. But my favorite teacher is you! Your very kind and pretty. I like you. My favorite class is medical. This class is very exciting. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day~ From, Luke”

Whoever said that the little things make us the happiest definitely got it right.