A New Beginning

New beginnings are always exciting, if not a bit scary.

For those of you that follow Seoul Searching on Facebook, you know that I have been traveling for the past month and a half in Spain and Morocco.  It was a phenomenal trip marked by friendly people, beautiful scenery, interesting culture, and lots and lots of good food.  I traveled without worry and without haste so I could fully enjoy my vacation, which was a new, refreshing way of traveling for me.  The end of my trip was bittersweet; I would have loved to have stayed longer and explored more, but I knew that getting back to Korea was a priority.
I’ve been back on the peninsula for just over a week now and have to admit it feels a bit strange, mostly because I am returning with completely different reasons for being here.  This time, there was no job recruiter to meet me at the airport with a name card, no school staff member to explain the appliances in my apartment, and no co-workers or students to greet me with open arms.  This time, I am not returning to Korea as an English teacher.   
Over the past few years, I struggled in figuring out the next step and have been racking my brain for a potential life plan only to be unsatisfied with my decisions.  As it turns out, I had been paving a career path for myself during this time without even knowing it.   
Since I started Seoul Searching, I have subconsciously come to realize what I enjoy most: sharing Korea with the rest of the world.  It was only recently that I realized I could use the skills and knowledge I gained through blogging as points on a resume for my just-realized dream job: tourism marketing.
Although the details are still somewhat fuzzy, I will be focusing my efforts over the next year or so to expand and improve my skills to market destinations (specifically those around Korea) to locate a job that will allow me to continue to do what I love doing.  One of these efforts includes learning the Korean language.  In June, I will begin my studies at Sogang University to improve my language skills so that I may better understand Korean culture, more easily find the hidden gems of the country, and fluently communicate with all those  influential folks in the tourism industry.

My future school, Sogang University.
I also have a few business projects and potential partnerships that I am developing which I hope to be able to share with all of you sooner than later.  Fingers crossed for their coming to fruition.
One group that I’m thrilled to be working more closely with is Makgeolli Mamas and Papas.  I have come to love makgeolli, a traditional rice-based Korean alcohol, and firmly believe in its potential to become a culinary trend throughout the world.  MMP has already done amazing things to educate the public about makgeolli culture and I’m confident it will continue to grow and become more influential as it does.  Keep an eye on the MMP site for an upcoming blogging segment about hidden makgeolli bars that will be written by yours truly.

Last but not least, I will be focusing on Seoul Searching.  I appreciate the continued support of you, the readers, in helping me to realize my goals and dreams and would have not been able to do it without you.  I know I’m not as consistent or as organized or as well-spoken as other bloggers out there, but you’re still reading, and for that I’m forever grateful.  
Although unemployment has its cons, I plan on using the extra free time to produce more articles about life, travel, and culture in Korea and I encourage suggestions and comments to make Seoul Searching the best it can be.
I don’t expect the nervousness brought on by this risky jump to subside anytime soon.  Still, I’m optimistic about this upcoming year and I couldn’t be happier to have you all with me as I make this transition.
Stay tuned!