K-Drama Amino App Lets Fans Connect, Create and Share Hallyu Content

The Hallyu wave has taken the world by storm over the past few years and its influence is palpable in all corners of the globe. Despite language barriers, men and women of all nationalities have fallen in love with Korean dramas. (And there are a slew of reasons to prove why.)
While Hallyu fandom continues to expand, there are more and more emerging online communities blossoming, enabling fans from London to Buenos Aires to Jakarta to connect, share and collectively rejoice in all things K-drama. Yet, none is more welcoming or more engaging than K-Drama Amino, the mobile social network created by Amino Apps.

Toted as the largest and fastest-growing mobile community for K-drama enthusiasts, K-Drama Amino gives fans the power to express their fandom, build a following for their favorite artists and actors and connect with other like-minded fans. In addition to being a welcoming community, the app gives users access to unique, varied content, available straight from the app’s streamlined timeline.

Catch up on the latest K-drama news and gossip, browse top 10 lists and be entertained by fun posts such as K-drama couple face swaps. There’s also an extensive database of biographies of all your favorite actors and actresses, which are chock full of eye-catching photos, video clips and GIFs. (Because, let’s face it… there can never be enough eye candy!) So, whether your heart belongs to Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, or Gong Hyo Jin, there’s something for everyone. (Can’t lie… I’m loyal to F4 ‘til I die.)


No other app provides fan-created content and interactive polls, games and challenges quite like those on K-Drama Amino. Except, of course, for Kpop Amino, a similar community devoted to the idols, songs and dance moves behind Asia’s most popular music genre. 
Find new friend who loves SNSD and EXO as much as you do. Interact with a 2NE1 lover on the other side of the world! Join K-Pop fan clubs and make new K-popper friends to chat about 2PM and Sistar. Share pictures of Big Bang. The possibilities are truly endless!
What are you waiting for, Hallyu fans?!These two apps are just a download away. And they’re both completely free! Check out the links below and get the version compatible with your device.

K-Drama Amino

KPop Amino

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Amino Apps. The opinions are, however, my own. 

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