Korea, curated Subscription Box Brings Korea to Your Doorstep

Canadian entrepreneur Marie Frenette and YouTuber Cory May have launched Korea,curated a monthly subscription box that features their favorite Korean products.

Long time residents of Korea, the couple often dreamed of how they could share Korea with people around the world and give local artists, designers and companies access to a global fan base.

Their debut box is called Discovery Box and introduces subscribers to a variety of hand-selected snacks, design products, Korea-related books and DVDs and regional specialties. A regular box retails for $74 USD while their mini version is $61 USD. Both subscriptions include free worldwide shipping.

Subscribers will have access to exclusive video content that tells the story of each and every item included in their box, as well as additional giveaways and membership perks. One exa
mple is the random subscriber draw for a free round-trip ticket to Korea when Korea, curated achieves the milestone of 500 subscribers.

Click www.koreacurated.com to subscribe to a monthly box or sign up for the newsletter updates. Don’t forget to use the coupon code seoulsearching to get 20% off your first Discovery Box (Mini or regular. Can’t be combined with other offers. Coupon may expire without notice).