Korea Via Instagram

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Fortunately, in our wide world of numerous languages and dialects, these words need not be spoken, or translated for that matter, for the message of a photograph to be conveyed and appreciated.

Social media outlet (and my most recent app addiction), Instagram, proves this to be true.  The mobile application allows users to capture moments and memories with their camera phones and instantly share them with the world with a simple click of a button.  Using hashtags as search words and Foursquare maps as locating tools, it’s possible to get almost-real-time access to just about any corner of the globe.  For those needing a daily fix of Korean eye candy, Instagram is the perfect application.

Although some may find it unsettling to peer into complete strangers’ lives, I find it intriguing to see Korea through others’ perspectives.  Some users, in particular, are exceptionally talented in capturing the people, places, and the spirit of the country.  Below is a list of my favorite Korea-themed Instagram feeds, all worthy of your follows.  Check them out and see for yourself.

@rainbow_promise captures the more rustic side of Seoul through his photographs.  Although many feature locations throughout Seoul, the urban aspect of the city is often omitted, leaving the impression that the neighborhoods featured in his feed are in small towns and quaint villages far from the neon and concrete of the capital.

User @windmills02 resides in Jirisan, a mountain in the southern region of South Korea.  Almost all of the user’s images are taken in the surrounding areas, so nature shots are bountiful.  Images of wild flowers, farm-to-table meals, and mountain views will have you considering moving to Jirisan yourself.

Farming in Jirisan. (Photo: @windmills02)

Chase Chisholm is a Cheongju-based blogger that has recently popped up on the Korea blogosphere radar.  I am equally as impressed with his Instagram feed, @joinchase, as his blog.  He is an avid biker and many of his thoughtful photos (iPhone only) are taken on the road during his journeys.

A biking journey in Korea. (Photo: @joinchase)

Although Instagram was intended to be just that- instant- some users upload images taken with more professional cameras.  Such is the case with @iamnynynny.  Although it may be cheating, this user’s Nikon-captured photos are stunning and are definitely worth a mention.  The featured street photography is especially memorable.

Currently located in Daegu is @safpics.  His feed stands out from the rest with his unique use of color and dramatics.  His architecture and design-focused shots are my some of my favorites.

Colorful Daegu scenery.  (Photo: @safpicsinsk)

@mark94v has established himself as the cityscape-night-shot guy in the Instagram world.  His photographs of Seoul (including the Cheonggyechon, Han River, and various skylines) at night are stunning to say the least.

A Seoul summer night. (Photo: @mark94v)

Another user that has already established herself in the blogging world is Johanne Miller, or @nyxnalia.  Johanne includes a little bit of everything in her feed- food, travel, and nature.Her photos are bright and cheerful and beautifully capture the true essence of Korea.

I don’t know how she does it, but @cunggie always seems to find the best restaurants in the country.  Her feed has me hungry at all hours of the day and I’m particularly thankful for the fact that she tags her photos with the restaurants using the map feature so that users can go and try the tasty treats for themselves.  If I gain weight this year, it will be her fault. Hear that, @cunggie?!

Galbijjim goodness. (Photo: @cunggie)

@snowyd sets himself apart from other users by not only capturing people and places, but by creating emotion in his photographs, as well.  I often find that the moods of my photos change according to my personal emotions, and I believe that this is also the case for @snowyd.  Check out his feed in the grid form and see what I’m talking about.

Sinister Snow White. (Photo: @snowyd)

My hands-down favorite photography subject is people and no other Korea-based Instagramer captures the subject better than @theedupkid.  Usually consisting of candid shots, his feed is a collection of moments of strangers deep in conversation, in mid-belly laugh, or in a romantic embrace.  In a world so hypnotized by technology, his feed brings to mind everything that encapsulates the human element.  Which may seem ironic, considering it is a mobile application, after all.

#momentcaptured (Photo: @theedupkid)

Instagram is a free mobile app for Apple and Android products.  Download it and create your account to follow the users mentioned above and why not add me (@seoul_searching), while your at it?

Words by Mimsie Ladner of Seoul Searching.  Photos credited to the owners.