Blogger Beauty Night at Piccasso Studio

It has occurred to me that many of my recent posts have pertained to Korean beauty. I should make it clear that Seoul Searching is not converting into a beauty blog- I’m far too unqualified for that to even be an option. The reason for the increase in K-beauty posts is because Korean cosmetics and beauty trends are becoming so in demand at the moment that I have had a number of opportunities recently to learn more about these trends and products and want to spread the word on to you guys.

The most recent opportunity to crop up was an invitation to a makeup class specifically for bloggers given by Yoohwai Top to Toe at the Piccasso Studio in Apgujeong in celebration of the launch of the new global store,

Although the brand name may be unfamiliar to most living outside Korea, Piccasso is the leading supplier of false lashes and professional makeup brushes on the peninsula. They’ve been around for about 20 years and are the go-to product for Korea’s top idols and entertainers such as Ji Hyun-chun, 4minute’s Hyuna, Kim Tae-hee and Park Shin-hye. So, always on the lookout for new products and makeup tips (I need all the help I can get!) I was super excited to attend the class and meet some fellow bloggers.

After arriving, we were treated to some snacks and wine and got to know one another before the class began. Soon enough, our teacher walked us through the entire process of applying everyday makeup- from how to cover up those pesky under-eye circles to ways to make our noses look thinner and ‘higher’, a beauty feature coveted by Koreans.

The last bit of the instruction, and the part I was most looking forward to, was a tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes. Although I had attempted the feat before, I had never done so successfully. As such, I never bother with wearing them, even on special occasions, as I’d rather not take the risk of them falling off halfway through the night or gluing them on crooked. I learned, however, that the process is actually a lot easier than I imagined… the application just takes some patience and practice.

After the instruction, we split up into groups and were told how to improve our personal makeup look. We were also given the chance to put the eyelashes on ourselves and although mine weren’t perfect, they weren’t terrible, either. Picasso’s eyeMe lashes made a big difference- I did in fact look more glamorous and feminine than when I first walked through the studio doors. Additionally, the lashes were very natural. Maybe I will give false lashes a second chance after all.

Piccasso was kind enough to send all of us home with one of their foundation brushes, a brush pouch, four sets of eyeMe eyelashes and a bottle of wine. Though I probably won’t be drinking it before I put my makeup on. Fortunately for you, I’m not the only lucky one here! is offering all Seoul Searching readers a 5% discount on all of your online purchases. All you have to do is enter the coupon code ‘seoulsearching‘ at check out to receive your discount. Additionally, you can get free shipping on all orders over $70USD until August 14th. Don’t miss out and find out for yourself why Korea’s top beauty icons choose Piccassco.

For additional information on Piccasso, check out their blog and Facebook page.

Words by Mimsie Ladner of Seoul Searching. Photos by Cory May. Content may not be reproduced unless authorized.