Nightlife, Done Right

For the first time in three weeks, I was able to remain sleeping past 8am. Thank you, soju.

Last night, a large group of my co-workers went out for a night in Hyewah, a university neighborhood of Seoul. As previously mentioned, nights out in Korea usually entail bar hopping and this night was no different. After a cocktail at a very chilled out basement bar, we moved on for chicken, beer, and soju: a trifecta of awesomeness.

Sitting around plastic tables at an outdoor hof (chicken and beer hotspots found on every street block of Seoul), we shared platters of “yum yum chicken”- wings of tender meat with crispy skin smoothered in a sweet and spicy sauce and drizzled with nuts. This was complemented perfectly with a few rounds of soju shots and Hite beer (think watered down Bud Light), served in extremely large pitchers. After an hour or so, we decided it’d be best to move along.

The group at the outdoor hof in Hyewah

Soju, beer, and chicken- heaven on Earth?

Koreans do not believe in drinking on an empty stomach, so bars serve anju, or free snacks. Throughout the evening, we were served pickled radish, cereal-like bits, and sweet nuts, but the most interesting trio of anju was seaweed, minnows, and deep fried sweet pasta. Despite a few drinks, I couldn’t bring myself to try the minnow. Maybe next time.

A bizarre combination of anju.

Walking from bar to bar, we stumbled upon a trailer selling a product I should have thought of myself a long time ago: cocktails in a bag. For about $4, you choose your cocktail, and it is served to you on ice in a large Ziploc bag with a straw. If anyone were to start this in the States, they’d undoubtedly have a gold mine on their hands.

I dropped my Lynchberg Lemonade taking a picture (imagine that), but no worries- because it’s in a bag!

We wrapped up our night, as most Koreans do, at a noraebang. In our own personal kareoke room, we did the best of the best: Queen, Britney, and Avril to name a few. It was great getting to know my co-workers more. Glad to know I work with such a fun, laid back group of people, who enjoy the Korean nightlife the way it should be enjoyed.